Caribou 8mm To 10mm Upgrade
Caribou 8mm To 10mm Upgrade
Caribou 8mm To 10mm Upgrade

Caribou 8mm To 10mm Upgrade

, ships in 1-2 days

Upgrade the rods on all axes for your Caribou from 8mm to 10mm. This requires a widening of the frame by 5mm. The new x-profiles are also included

Printed Parts
  • no
  • PETG green
Extrusion Length
  • Caribou 220
  • Caribou 320
  • Caribou 420
  • MK52
  • MK52-Blocks


With this upgrade  you can upgrade your existing Caribo x20 (8mm) to the same height 10mm version.

The kit contains:

For the x-axis:

  • 1x LMUW10 bearing by Misumi
  • 1x LMU10 bearing by Misumi
  • 2x PSFU10-380 smooth rods by Msiumi
  • 3x x-axis aluminium profile by Misumi (5mm longer than regular Caribou x-axis)
  • 4x M3x30mm
  • 6x M3x22mm
  • 1x M3x40mm


For the y-axis:

  • 2x PSUF10-360mm

option 1: MK52 standard carriage

  • 3x LMU10


option 2:  Bring the y-axis to a new level. The bearings are contained in aluminium blocks hence they can be easier aligned and run smoother. The MK52-block version contains:

  • 1x bed carriage MK52 blocks
  • 3x LHBBF10
  • 12x M5x 18mm head cap screws
  • 12x M5 washer


For the z-axis:

  • 2x LMUW10 bearing by Misumi
  • 2x PSFU10-xxx smooth rods by Misumi

Optional printed parts include:

When you order printed parts you have to specify for which extruder the x-carriage should be included (Extruder itself is not inlcuded) 

  • x-MotorHolder
  • x-MotorHolder-CableCover
  • x-Idler
  • x-Carriage
  • x-CarriageBack-Top
  • x-CarriageBack-Bottom
  • x-CableHolder
  • y-RodHolder-Top
  • y-RodHolder-Bottom
  • z-Motor Holder left
  • z-Motor Holder left
  • z-TopHolder left
  • z-TopHolder right

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