Caribou 3d printers

Caribou 3d printers offer a rigid, stable printing platform. Our 3d printers are available assembled or as a kit version in print heights 220mm, 320mm, and 420mm. 
As extruder we offer support for the Prusa stock extruder, classical Bondtech extruder, or the new Bondtech LGX. As hot end these extruders support E3d V6 or Mosquito / Mosquito Magnum. Please see the detailed product description for more options for thermistors, heaters, print surfaces, displays.
For an upgrade from an 8bit to 32bit controller board please see our CaribouDuet or CaribouDuet LGX. They provide a Duet2 WiFi or Ethernet controller board and stepper motors with 0.9° stepper angle and hence a higher resolution.

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