3d printing

Original Caribou 3d printers provide a rigid, stable printing platform. They are available assembled or as a kit version. Caribou 3d printers are build with high-quality components only from brands like: Misumi, LDO, Bondtech, Slice Engineering, Meanwell, E3d. They can be configured to your needs in terms of board, extruder, hot end and more.
Mosaic Palette: Mosaic produces the Palette 2 and 3 for multi‑material and multiple colour 3D printing. You can achieve high-quality, functional prints by combining flexible and rigid materials. Or, simplify prints with challenging overhangs using breakaway or soluble support.
Voron 3d printer kits: Voron printers are built with CoreXY or CoreXZ configurations. The aim is to reduce the amount of moving mass and enable higher acceleration and speed. As a distributor of LDO Motors we offer their high-quality kits Voron kits of Voron 0.1, Voron Switchwire, and Voron 2.4.

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