Caribou Upgrade Kits

Caribou 3d printers are modular and can be updated via different releases of the plastic parts. There is still the possibility to upgrade the axes of Caribou3d printers from 8mm to 10mm linear rods. For an upgrade from an 8bit to 32bit controller board please see our CaribouDuet upgrade. It provides a Duet2 WiFi or Ethernet controller board and stepper motors with 0.9° stepper angle and hence a higher resolution. 
With the Prusa upgrade kits you can turn a Prusa 3d printer into a Caribou 3d printer. Our upgrade kits are compatible with Prusa MK2, MK2.5(S), MK3(S), MK3S. You get a much more stable and higher frame. The plastic parts have better functionality, and you have the possibility to use 10mm linear shafts.
The plastic parts needed can be purchased or printed yourself. The STLs are available for download on github:  
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