Caribou QLINK z-stepper motor

Caribou QLINK z-stepper motor for Caribou 220 / Prusa

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High-Quality Stepper Motor with connector and detachable cable (cable included), Quick Link technology.  Comes with 320mm integrated lead screw and POM nut. Latest version of the motor by LDO


High quality stepper motor for the z- axis with integrated lead screw

  • 1x stepper motor with integrated lead screw 320mm, 750mm cable length, POM nut (z)
  • 1.8 degree step angle
  • Nema17 40mm Stepper 1.0A
  • 320mm Tr8*8 Lead Screw (z)
  • 2mm pitch 4 starts (z)
  • Durable and silent POM Nut (z)


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