Igus Energy Chain for Caribou x-Axis

Igus Energy Chain for Caribou x-Axis


High quality Igus energy chain E2.10 for the Caribou MK3s and Duet x-axis. Length 240mm, 340mm, 440mm,  width 10mm inside. Chain can be openend to the outside.



  • Chain, 12 segments (Caribou 220), 17 segments (Caribou 320), 22 segments (Caribou 420), 
  • 2x mounting brackets
  • 4x Ruthex threaded insert M3 
  • 4x M3 x 8mm flat head screw

Please note that you need to print the following parts: Einsy / Duet box + cover, x-MoorHolder. Plastic parts can be found here: https://github.com/Caribou3d/CaribouCartesian/tree/master/STL/02_upgrade-kits/Chains

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