PanelDue Integrated 5"
PanelDue Integrated 5"

PanelDue Integrated 5"

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PanelDue Integrated, 5V colour touch screen controller in 5" (800x480 pixels).


The PanelDue 5i is a colour touch screen controller for the Duet and other 3D-printing electronics that support it. This integrated version is a custom-made high-quality 5 inch TFT LCD panel from a leading manufacturer, with the PanelDue controller by David Crocker integrated on the LCD's PCB. Features:-

  • Resolution of  800×480 pixels on a 5 inch LCD.
  • 5V power from host 3D printer controller.
  • 2-wire async serial interface with 3.3V signal level (5V tolerant input).
  • Connections to the onboard micro SD card socket as well as the PanelDue serial and power connections are all available via a 10-way ribbon cable.  A 300mm long ribbon cable (maximum recommended length) is supplied.
  • 4-wire cable to connect the PanelDue to your controller board for the serial and power connections. This cable is also supplied (1m long)
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