Extruder Body Rebuild Set for MK2.5/3 Upgrade

Extruder Body Rebuild Set for MK2.5/3 Upgrade

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This Bondtech Extruder Body Rebuild Set is only for customers who previously bought a Bondtech MK2/MK2S or MK2.5/MK3 Upgrade Kit and have a Prusa i3 upgraded to MK2.5S or MK3S.



Do not buy this product if you didn’t upgrade your Prusa i3 to MK2.5S or MK3S already.


There is a new X-Carriage design that will properly route the new IR filament sensor cable.
You can buy the X-Carriage Kit here. Or you can download the STL files from the MK3S Upgrade Kit’s Resource Section and 3D print it yourself.

Upgrade from BONDTECH MK2/2.5/3 TO MK2.5S/3S

This Rebuild Set contains only the necessary parts to update the previous Bondtech Upgrade Kits for Prusa i3 MK2.5/3 to the MK3S design.
The MK3S upgrade was necessary because Prusa i3 MK3S features a new integrated IR filament sensor that doesn’t fit the previous Bondtech designs.

Body rebuild kit contains:

  • 1x Black SLS printed MK3S Extruder Back Housing;
  • 1x Black FDM printed MK3S Magnetic Lever;
  • 1x Black FDM printed MK3S Steel Ball Housing;
  • 1x Black FDM printed MK3S Filament Sensor PCB Cover;
  • 1x M3x10 Socket Hex Screws.

It does NOT include:

Prusa’s new IR filament sensor and cable

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