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Mosquito Silicone Boot
Mosquito Silicone Boot
Mosquito Silicone Boot

Mosquito Silicone Boot

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Fits Mosquito and Mosquito Magnum hotends.


The Mosquito Silicone Boot is:

  • Made from platinum cured silicone for higher temperature resistance
  • Thickly molded with internal air cavities to ensure optimal thermal insulation and tear resistance
  • Rated to 300 °C printing temperatures
  • Spring loaded to keep the boot hooked onto the hot block at all times
  • Endowed with easy to use finger grips to aid in installation and removal
  • Coated with a clear coating for maximum plastic repellent power

At long last, there is an official silicone boot for the Mosquito. And yes, it is a boot, not a sock. Socks can be flimsy, fall off, and tear easily. Boots are there for you when the rubber meets the road (see what we did there?), providing long lasting protection from cooling air and plastic adhesion. 

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