Slice Engineering Thermistor 300°C

Slice Engineering Thermistor 300°C

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20High performing thermistor, measure up to 300°C

  • Capable of reading from room temperature up to 300°C
  • 15mm long, 3 mm diameter cartridge. A standard for sleeved thermistors
  • 2m long bare leads
  • 5mm long filler shaft


The 450C HT Thermistor of Slice Engineering reached End Of Life.

After a long evaluation of the applications for the HT Thermistor we reached the conclusion that the vast majority (if not the whole range) of 3D printers we sell upgrades to, is never used with materials that require processing above 300C.

The technical plastics that do require such temperatures, also require print bed temperatures and closed chambers environment temperatures outside the possibilities of most desktop 3D printers.

The true realm of units that require such HT thermistor is therefore almost non-existing.

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