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Mosquito Magnum™ Hotend Upgrade Bundle

Mosquito Magnum™ Hotend Upgrade Bundle

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Mosquito Magnum™ Heat Break - Standard - Current
Mosquito™ Heat Sink - Current


The Mosquito Hotend has been upgraded with an improved Heat Break and Heat Sink. These new upgrades provide several key performance advantages:

  • Plastic repellent coating on the Bimetallic Heat Break™ improves printing performance with PLA
  • Heat Break radiator has been redesigned to increase convection and decrease heat creep
  • Heat Break inlet has been reinforced to ease assembly
  • Heat Sink inlet geometry revised to improve multi-material printing performance

For upgrading instructions, please see the Assembly / Disassembly Instructions on the documentation page: https://www.sliceengineering.com/pages/documentation

 Mosquito™ Heat Break Specification

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