Prusa Mini: Original Thekkiinngg sheet V4

Original Thekkiinngg sheet V4 for Prusa Mini

ships in 1-2 days
  • Double-sided textured PEI powder-coated spring steel sheet
  • for Prusa Mini
  • Dimensions: 190mm x 200mm
  • DON'T clean with acetone!

  • Made of high strength spring steel sheet made of steel from the U.S.A. with Ultem PEI Powder coating
  • Easy to separate the plastic parts when cooled down
  • Rough finish of bottom layer ensures a better looking parts (Texture almost identical at Original Prusa
    PEI Powder coating bed )
  • Avoid replacing PEI plastic sheet Get you out of the trouble (bubble) when plastic film decreased after
    a period of usage
  • We guarantee that this bed plate contains Ultem PEI


  • NEW V4 Version 4, Made of steel from U.S.A. This plate is the almost identical texture as the original Prusa.
  • Available now as the all new double-sided TEXTURED (texture almost identical to the Original Prusa )
    PEI powder-coated spring steel sheet.
  • Notched for Prusa MK3/S or Mk2.5 magnetic MK52 heat bed. No more PEI peel change! No more ugly
    bubbles! You can always print at the same position.
  • You will have the best construction bed ever! Higher temperatures than normal PEI sheet making it a
    better material for use as a heated bed.
  • Size: 190mm x 200mm
  • Package includes: 1 x double-sided TEXTURED PEI Powder-Coated spring steel sheet Prusa Mini

Warning: Do not clean with acetone!!!

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