Revo™ Micro 24V
Revo™ Micro 24V
Revo™ Nozzles
Revo™ Nozzles
Revo™ Micro 24V
Revo™ Micro 24V
Revo™ Nozzles
Revo™ Nozzles

Revo™ Micro 24V

  • Revo Micro HotEnd  is smaller, lighter, and better than ever before
  • Designed for use with Revo Nozzles
  • Works with a Revo HeaterCore for faster heat-ups
  • Smallest and lightest HotEnd we’ve produced so far
  • Titanium-like performance
  • Ultra-lightweight construction for improved speed performance
  • Compatible with popular 3D printers including Caribou, Creality, Ender, Prusa, Anet, Biqu, Monoprice and many more 
Number of Nozzles
  • 1
  • 4


Titanium-like performance

Our special manufacturing process gives this aluminium HotEnd the strength and low thermal conductivity of titanium, without actually being titanium!
Ready for Revo
Change nozzles at room temperature using just your fingers. No complex tools, no hot tightening. Revo Nozzles are a factory sealed nozzle and heatbreak in one, so they’re easy to fit and can’t leak material when in use.
New hotness
A Revo HeaterCore heats up in seconds. It’s much safer too – unlike other solutions on the market, a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) means the Revo HeaterCore can not melt at extreme temperatures: power reduces as it gets hotter, so hazards are reduced in the event of a thermal runaway.
Runs cool, looks cool
With an anodised black heatsink, not only does Revo Micro run cool – it looks cool, tool.
Flexible to any setup
Revo Micro plays nice with Bowden and direct drive setups, but its lightweight construction makes it an ideal choice for Bowden setups.

  • 24V

Key features

  • Low thermal conductivity in a compact space
  • Max temp: 300°C
  •  Mounting system: M12 thread
  •  Maximum temperature: 300°C
  • Weight: 30g
  • Lightweight for greater motion system agility
  • Compatible with RapidChange Revo™ ecosystem
  • Works with Bowden and direct drive systems


Kit contains

  • HeatSink
  • Revo HeaterCore

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