HotEnd Cleaning Filament - 1.75mm

HotEnd Cleaning Filament - 1.75mm

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  • Easily clean your hotend, makes color changes easy
  • Contains a compound that adheres to most polymers and byproducts
  • Wide temperature range 160°C - 280°C
  • 1.75mm diameter, 100g role


Cleans contamination from your hotend, and allows you to switch between filaments with extremely different processing temperatures easily.

This filament is manufactured from a commercial extruder purging and cleaning compound. It contains a compound that adheres to most polymers and byproducts, while also containing small particles that act as a very mild abrasive to help remove things like charred on residue and whatever other gunk may end up in there.

Another great feature is the filaments extremely wide processing temperature of 160°C - 280°C, this coupled with it's ability to remove residual plastic makes it a great option for use between filaments with vastly different processing temperatures.

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